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1. What is www.ethicalarizona.com?
EthicalArizona.com was created by the Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern and Western Arizona to act as a searchable roster of current BBB members.

2. How is ethicalarizona.com different from arizonabbb.org?
You can use ethicalarizona.com to search for current BBB Accredited Businesses’ web pages as well as clicking to check their BBB Business Review. Arizonabbb.org is the BBB’s primary website. You can use this site to file a complaint, look up Business Reviews for accredited and non-accredited companies, request bids from BBB Accredited Businesses, find out information about upcoming BBB events and more.

3. Can I file a complaint on this website?
If you would like to file a complaint or obtain additional information about the BBB’s dispute resolution process, please visit www.arizonabbb.org and click on the "file a complaint" link.

4. How do I use this website?
There are three ways to search for companies on ethicalarizona.com: Browse by company name, browse by category or by searching for a company by address, phone number or zip code. Browsing by company name provides an alphabetical list of all BBB Accredited Businesses. You may narrow your search by choosing the first letter of the company’s name you want to find. Browsing by category allows you to search for BBB Accredited Businesses by type of business. You may choose the search companies option to search using information you already have such as the company’s name, address, phone number or zip code.

5. Why do some company web pages have more information than others?
You may find that some company web pages have more information than others. Some companies have chosen to update and add information to their page frequently, while others may wish to post basic information on their ethicalarizona.com page.