Sierra Expeditions, LLC
2534 W. Broadway Road #6
Mesa AZ 85202

"It's The Journey, Not the Destination."

Sierra Expeditions started its roots as an online marketplace offering the best vehicle dependent living equipment.  Launched in 2005, the family owned business began its roots.  Through seeking the best equipment, the owner, Wil discovered the need for a good expedition outfitter and founded Sierra Expeditions.  Currently ran by the owners, Wil and Wendy Kuhns, Sierra Expeditions takes great strides in providing only the best products available on the market and is continuously testing new equipment prior to selling the specific brand. 

In May of 2010 Sierra Expeditions opened a store front in Tempe, Arizona offering full installation and vehicle service by ASE certified mechanics.   Sierra Expeditions is a privately owned profitable company based in Tempe, Arizona.

In Wil’s quest to outfit his 2001 Toyota Tacoma, he began researching and testing several products to ensure that each product installed on his truck was durable, and rugged enough for overland travel.  Wil Kuhns is the owner and CEO of Sierra Expeditions.

 Wil's Truck Picture

Wil’s wife, Wendy, soon got dragged into the business as it grew.  Soon the Lexus was replaced with a 2000 Nissan Xterra that soon became another test bed for product testing.

 Wendy's Xterra

The Xterra was sold in a quest for another vehicle test platform and was replaced with 2002 Jeep KJ, equiped with plenty of goodies which is constently changing as time goes by.

Wendy's KJ


Wendy's KJ was featured as the the opening 2 page photo spread for the "Life Liberties and the Pursuit of Happiness" article on Jeep Liberties in JPFreek Magazine with an outstanding photograph taken by Mark Stephens.  Not only did the Jeep get a two page spread photo, but it was honored to recieve a blurb on her Jeep covering the mods of the Liberty to that date. 

Sierra Expeditions takes great pride in providing only the best customer service.  In order to achieve better customer service Sierra Expeditions added its first employee, Nic Wilman.  Nic is a valuable wealth of information and his 2001 Tacoma offers yet another test vehicle.  In addition Nic also built up his own trailer for expedition use starting with a Bantam BT3-C trailer.  His fabrication skills and his knowledge he gained during this build provides Sierra Expeditions with a valuable resource.

Nic's Truck and Trailer

With the current trend of the FJ market growing, as Sierra Expeditions grew, Josh and Heidi were added to the testing team, aiding in testing products on both their Toyota FJ Cruiser, and their Toyota 4Runner.  The experiences in the vehicle build-up and product testing help Sierra Expeditions gain better knowledge and confidence in the products we sell.  We want to ensure that every product will get you there and also get you back home!

Josh's FJ Cruiser

Below is Heidi's new 4runner that is undergoing a transition to in vehicle camping exploration vehicle.  The modifications are just begining!

Heidi's 4Runner

2534 W. Broadway Road #6
Mesa AZ 85202
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