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Why going Solar Topps is the right decision

  • Over 3000 satisfied customers in Arizona enjoying their savings
  • Cut up to 90% or more of your electricity bills and get peace of mind from the rising costs of your electricity bills
  • Convert your valuable roof space into a step towards your energy independence
  • Fully accountable – Design, Installation, Commissioning and Monitoring of your solar power and yes, we do not outsource
  • Make your transition to Solar Power very affordable and seamless
  • We are a full service company with a highly qualified, friendly and professional staff
  • Solar Topps Financing offers in-house flexible purchase & Lease options with Absolutely No Out-Of-Pocket Costs
  • We take full ownership and assure you the best in class equipment and workmanship

 Solar Topps Company

Solar Topps is one of the top solar PV design and integration companies in the country with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. We are licensed in many states. We have won various accolades from the top manufacturers and were recently recognized as “SunPower Top Producer of the Year 2012.”

We are 100% committed to saving money for our clients and strictly adhere to best ethical practices while providing the highest quality products and services. We are 2nd to none in design, precision engineering, speed and accuracy of our solar installations and excel in designing highly efficient solar power systems for homes, businesses and solar parking structures.

Solar Topps stays on top of the latest innovations in solar panels, inverters, battery storage technology to ensure clients get the full advantage of latest developments in solar power. 

Equipment & Workmanship


Solar Topps only uses top rated equipment in all solar power systems including Solar Panels and Inverters. One of the panels we use are ACPV, made by SunPower, with a built-in micro inverters. We take great pride in our engineering, our design and our installation. We make sure that all project work is performed by quality driven licensed professionals. All of our personnel are passionately devoted, driven and a trustee to our no compromise culture at every stage of the solar project.

Solar Topps design highly efficient solar power systems that are in full compliance with current building codes. Our designs consistently outperform our peers in the solar industry and the rumor is that even Building inspectors praise our workmanship.

Leasing & Financing

Whether you decide to own or lease a solar power system, Solar Topps Financing offers in-house flexible payment options. Customers have the option of converting their lease to a purchase, anytime during the lease period. To fit your budget needs we provide many options to choose from – e.g., 7 to 10 year, lease to own program.

If you decide to own a solar system you have a wide selection of options to choose from - Zero Out of Pocket Costs, Same-As-Cash Flex Loans, Low Interest and Combo Loans.

For leasing Sun Topps Financial has made available various leasing packages – No out of Pocket Costs Lease, Fixed Monthly Payment Lease, Prepay Lease, and Buy Back Lease Options. We work with every situation and find you an appropriate financing solution.

Equipment & Production Warranty

Our solar power system is backed with 100% power production guaranty for 25 years with no hidden charges, unlike some other installers do. There is also a 10 year workmanship warranty. Even though it is very uncharacteristic, if a malfunction does occur our monitoring system will alert us immediately and Solar Topps will promptly resolve the issue.



102 S 28th St
Phoenix AZ 85034
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