Sound Lighting F/X, Inc.
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Sound Lighting F/X is a full service event production company offering services that 
go beyond sound and lighting.  From Audio Engineers to restrooms and valet 
parking attendants, we'll make sure you have everything you need for a successful 
Contact our office for additional information or to arrange the following 

Audio Engineers
Sound Lighting F/X specializes in live sound production.  Our professional audio 
engineers are available for events of any size - from large festivals and concerts to 
small company meetings and backyard parties.   Engineers are available at  4 
hour half day rates and 8 hour full day rates.  Our
 sound systems range from basic 
PA systems used  for speaking to high-end full sound systems for concerts.     

Let Sound Lighting F/X arrange the backline for your next show.  Whether your 
band needs full backline or extra equipment, we'll make sure your band has 
everything you need for the right sound.   

  • 5 piece Drum kits
  • Keyboards
  • Guitar amps
  • Bass amps
  • Guitar stands

Bike Barricades
Our bike barricades are the perfect low cost solution for providing crowd or vehicle 
control, partitioning off event areas or equipment, regulating people or traffic flow 
and restricting public access.     

Security is essential at special events.  Portable, temporary fencing is available in 
12 ft wide by 6 ft tall panels constructed of chain link.   Uses include partitioning off 
venue areas, regulating the flow of people or traffic, restricting public access, and 
preventing trespassing.

Lighting Designers
Sound Lighting F/X excels in providing special event lighting.  Our staff includes 
professional Lighting Designers, some who have worked with top names in the 
music industry.   Our Lighting Designers will work with you to create the right look 
and feel for a memorable event.

Off Duty Police Officers
When your event requires security services and skills beyond what a security 
guard can provide, we'll make arrangements for off duty police officers to provide 
the visible security and protection you need.

Production Managers
Our professional, experienced Production Managers are available to oversee large 
events and ensure that everything runs smoothly from load in to load out.  

Production Technicians
When your event requires services beyond delivery, set up and tear down, a  
professional, experienced technician is available to stay on site throughout your 

From affordable standard portable restrooms to luxury air conditioned restroom 
trailers, let us arrange the facilities that suit your event and your budget.   

Security Guards
Security Guards are available to provide visible security services before, during 
and after your event.  Overnight security services can also be arranged.   

Sky- Tracker Searchlights
Perfect for Grand Openings or Sales Events, this attention-getting light will draw 
people to your event.

Valet Parking Attendants
Treat your guests like VIPs by providing valet parking at your next event.  Our  
professional valet attendants will treat your guests and their vehicles with courtesy 
and care.   

Video Engineers
Sound Lighting F/X offers the services of professional, experienced Video 
Engineers who will manage all aspects of your event production.  From providing 
cameraman services to projection and live camera switch, our engineers will 
make sure your video production is broadcast quality.

4639 E. Virginia Street
Mesa AZ 85215
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