Southwest Lawn Sprinkling Specialists
8050 N 19th Ave Ste 206
Phoenix AZ 85021

About Us

Southwest Lawn Sprinkling Specialists has been an established Irrigation/Landscape Installation and repair company since 1982 and continues to stand the test of time. We believe that providing our customers with a product and service that they can trust is what sets us apart from other companies. 

As a family owned and operated business we know that customer service, as well as quality workmanship at a competitive price, is the key to our continued success in a market that continues to change and produce hundreds of new companies every year. 

Our professional sprinkler installation crews can provide you with a free installation estimate for a new Phoenix sprinkler system or drip system today.

Sprinkler installation; repair; maintenance
Landscaping; BBQ Grill & fire pit service; 
Outdoor Lighting
Sod & plant installation

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8050 N 19th Ave Ste 206
Phoenix AZ 85021
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