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Cascade Financial Services provides a variety of loan products to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  Our most popular loan options are as follows.

FHA Construction to Perm 1x Close

This is our most popular loan product!  The 1x close allows you to combine your construction financing and your permanent financing into a single transaction.  This reduces time, costs, and paperwork.  If you need construction financing, then the 1x close is the best option for you.  By adding a construction phase to your loan you can buy land wherever you want it and build your home however you want it. Advantages of our FHA 1x close construction to perm loan are as follows:

  • Land in lieu of a down payment.
  • Stage funded interim construction financing.
  • Fantastic 30 year fixed interest rates.
  • Next day loan approvals.

Modular Home Loans

Our modular home loan products are ideal for buyers who want ALL the options of site built home financing AND all the benefits of factory built housing.  In answer to the increasing demand for modular home financing, Cascade Financial Services has developed and maintains a wide variety of modular home loan products.  Every loan option that we offer on Manufactured housing is also available for modular homes, even if the home is being shipped to the site “on frame.”  Some of the highlights of our modular home loan product are as follows:

  • Rates and terms offered are identical to those obtainable on site built homes.
  • 1X close construction-to-permanent FHA or VA loans.
  • Appraiser will be able to use all site built or modular home loan comps on appraisal report.
  • Land in lieu offerings.
  • All options available for “off frame” modular homes are also open to “on frame” construction.

Refinance Options

If you own a manufactured home, the odds are high that you are paying too much interest on your current home loan.  For years residential mortgage lenders have punished manufactured home owners by imposing rates higher than those available on site built homes.  Cascade Financial has worked hard to develop and maintain the very best interest rates available anywhere for manufactured housing.  Our FHA refinance products do not distinguish between factory built and site built housing.  That means that if we can get you approved, then you will get the very best rates available on the market – regardless of your property type.  Here are a few reasons to call us now:

  • Flexible underwriting guidelines.
  • We can work with many past credit problems.
  • Incredibly low fixed interest rates.
  • Assistance with FHA compliance.  We can help you upgrade your home to meet all FHA guidelines and dramatically improve the resale value of your property.
  • Fantastic cash out or debt consolidation products are available.  Note: Cash out refinance products  are not available in Texas.



3345 S Val Vista Dr Ste 300
Gilbert AZ 85297
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