Energy audits are growing rapidly in popularity, but most consumers don’t have a good understanding of just what is entailed.

Just because a company offers energy audits, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are backed by the training, experience and sophisticated diagnostic equipment required to audit the whole house as a system.

Because the economy is struggling, many home inspectors and HVAC professionals are launching energy audit services to increase their revenue, when they simply do not have the experience or the tools to do it correctly.

Southwest Sustainable Structures, Inc. (SWSS) is a full-service Arizona energy audit company spearheaded by Jonathan Waterworth, a LEED-accredited* and BPI-certified** general contractor.

As a certified energy audit professional, Waterworth has a solid understanding of the entire structural envelope, and applies tools like a blower door, infrared imaging and other tools to determine your home’s energy performance as it is related to cost, comfort, safety and health.

SWSS inspects the entire home with a detailed understanding of how each part of the system interrelates – heating, air conditioning, duct work, insulation, ventilation, moisture, windows/doors, air pressure and air flow.

When the home energy audit has been completed, a written report is provided to the homeowner to help them prioritize and understand the cost of improving that home’s performance. The report details comfort and energy efficiency issues specific to your home, including hot and cold spots, drafts, poor air quality, air leaks and more.

Knowing the problems allows us to identify cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce energy consumption and the resulting energy bills.

Call SWCC today for your free consultation to get started saving money on your bills today.

* LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and represents an accreditation process offered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

** The Building Performance Institute (BPI) offers nationally-recognized training, certification, accreditation and quality-assurance programs for building performance.