Statewide Disinfection Service, Inc.
344 S Hawes Rd
Mesa AZ 85208
If you work in construction in the State of Arizona, you know the importance of clean water to your project, your profits, and the public at large. Statewide Disinfection Service Inc. has been working with Arizona construction contractors for over 20 years to help them meet all requirements regarding water quality. State and federal law mandates that you must disinfect all water lines before consumer use begins.

As a Grade 4 Certified Water Systems Operator, we are qualified to handle the monitoring, treatment, and testing of even the most complex water systems. 

We specialize in the disinfection of:
Water pipelines
Water distribution systems
Water storage tanks

We also provide:
Sampling and testing of water sources
Backflow testing
Pipeline maintenance
Water system monitoring
Water quality maintenance
Water certification classes
Pipeline Disinfection

344 S Hawes Rd
Mesa AZ 85208
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