7910 N 43rd Ave Ste 6
Glendale AZ 85301
About Us

Submarinos is a family-oriented business bringing you fine, authentic Italian-style recipes. All of our products are prepared on the premises with pride and experience!

The restaurant, owned by husband and wife team Al and Tasha Wiesing, opened on December 26th, 1995 in Glendale, AZ at the north-west corner of 51st Avenue and Northern Avenue. Al brings his vast culinary experience to the restaurant, working in the Italian food industry as a chef and food distributor since he was eighteen years old.

Tasha has plenty of experience as an overseer, previously taking on leadership roles in thriving businesses and owning an equally successful interior decorating business.

For over seventeen years, Al and Tasha have created memorable dining experiences with their wonderful food, friendly atmosphere and stellar customer service.