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Superior Products and Quality Service with SunHarvest Solar

      Our mission is to provide sustainable, clean solar energy to our customers, with the maximum possible service & product quality at an affordable price. We guarantee the highest quality experience, most competitive prices, down to earth honesty, and premium installation! SunHarvest will design and install the most efficient solar system for your home or business. We work with our customers in all aspects of their solar electric installation to guarantee their satisfaction.
SunHarvest Solar operates as a very efficient company, which allows us to offer superior pricing, while still providing the highest quality products and services. SunHarvest was formed in 2009 by a team of electrical and semiconductor industry veterans and we are dedicated to creating innovative solar energy solutions. SunHarvest is a licensed/bonded/insured solar and electrical contractor. 


 We have extensive commercial and residential solar installation experience, having provided installation services for 8 other solar companies, installing over 8 Megawatts of solar PV on 800 residential homes and several commercial buildings since 2009. In five years of business, wehave zero customer complaints with the Registrar of Contractors or Better Business Bureau. SunHarvest only uses the highest industry rated solar equipment that are accompanied with the best possible warranty service. We also make it a priority to use American made solar panels, inverters, and racking for all phases our engineering, design and installation.

 Reasons to Go Solar With SunHarvest 

You and your family will always need electricity, solar energy is simply a more cost effective and environmentally conscious source of electricity. Your monthly savings will begin right away after taking advantage of our $0 down financing. Take control over your electricity bill by installing solar and locking in your monthly costs, while reducing your vulnerability to energy rate hikes. Solar installations pay for themselves through increases to your home’s value. Homes on average sale 20% faster, and for 17% more after installing a solar system, and in most cases the increased equity in your home as a result of the solar system actually exceeds the net price paid for the solar system. Most importantly, by investing in solar, you are contributing to a healthier environment and a better future for your children and grandchildren.

These are only a few of the incredible reasons why solar energy for your home or business is such an intelligent high return, no risk investment. Both financially and environmentally.
 Be the Change you wish to see in the World!

2717 W Dunlap Ave
Phoenix AZ 85051
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