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A Bout Cansurvival,™ LLC is about surviving sun cancer in a dignified manner. There are so many foundations, clinics and research labs trying to put quality back into life. A Bout Cansurvival™ takes the life and adds quality to it.

In 2001, I became another statistic of melanoma cancer. While living in Arizona and being a minister of God’s Kingdom, I found it essential to have the best sun protection while in my ministry. Eventually, I purchased an umbrella online  by a business owner who claimed that her umbrellas were 127 UPF protective. After examining this umbrella I noted that there was a great deal of light exposure through the canopy.  Disappointed in the protective quality, I contacted the umbrella manufacturer for an explanation about the situation.  He stated, “Lady, if we don’t say it, then it’s not true!”  Moreover, the owner never responded back even after I wrote a clear and kind letter explaining that my life depends upon my knowledge.

Having a learning comprehension disability, I have to apply myself to a greater degree than the average person. No one deserves to be misrepresented and ignored, especially when it comes to the importance of life and death issues.

SunScape™ Fashion is not just about me, it’s about those who take their lives seriously and want the best sun protection possible.

Thank you for visiting this site and please continue to check back from time to time.  I am in the midst of creating other needed cancer protective products because my activity under the sun is very important to me.

Stay Healthy,

Sandra Duval

SunScape Fashion™ offers Fashion UV sunglasses made by an actual Japanese Lens Manufacturer. By using a "melanin" synthetic this over-the-RX-glasses is a blue-blocker preventing macular degeneration; cataracts; snow blindness; eye lid cancer and glaucoma. 

The "Wrap" 380 UV sunglasses includes: 100% glare free; polarized, scratch and impact resistant plus much more. Keep in mind the higher the UV the better sun protection one has.

SunScape Fashion 99+ Ultraviolet Protected Umbrellas excels in blocking out all but 2 & 3% of the UVAs and UVBs where it keeps the user safer, from the direct sunlight, but almost 100% cooler! Protect yourself from the ground up.

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