Technology Solved, LLC
North Valley
Surprise AZ 85374

Technology Solved LLC was founded in 2012 and is owned by Craig W. Olinger, Computer Tamer, Home Entertainment Equipment Magician, Networking Guru and Streaming Whiz Kid. Craig has over twenty years of experience plus multiple diplomas and certifications including degrees in Electronics and Microsoft Networking along with CompTIA A+ and Network + Certifications.

Technology Solved Can Help You with the Following Issues:

     -Your desktop or laptop is displaying alarming behavioral problems.

     -Your computer has caught a nasty bug and isn’t responding positively to begging and pleading, nasty threats
       or vigorous shaking.

     -Your computer is playing hide and seek with your pictures, videos, data and icons.

     -You’re not a “one size fits all” computer person and dream of a custom built PC. Whether you’re an
      enthusiastic gamer who hasn’t seen sunlight in days or a parent seeking a reliable computer for your budding
      geniuses, Technology Solved can create it for you.

     -Your printer appears to be on strike.

     -Your Home Entertainment equipment is less than amusing.

     -You’ve just bought a new computer, TV, DVD or BluRay player, universal remote control, sound bar or stereo
      equipment and, after reading the instructions, you suspect you’ll need an MIT professor to set it up and learn
      how to operate it.

     -You have a secret longing to create your own viewing entertainment schedule and save money every month
      by implementing streaming.

     -You’d like to stop playing musical computers and have the ability to access all your information, pictures,
      videos and music from any of your laptops or desktops. A little networking magic will get your data act

Technology Solved serves customers in Northwest Valley. Unlike modern day doctors,
we make house calls. Call 623-238- 8311 for an appointment. We are also a PORA Recommended Service Provider. We’ve left a trail of happy customers in our wake as evidenced by great reviews on the BBB and with PORA.

North Valley
Surprise AZ 85374
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