The Bridges Network, LLC
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About the Bridges Network - A Community of Recovery

The Bridges Network is a community of recovery, where participants will find the support and guidance needed for a successful transition back to everyday life. We provide structure and accountability to help complement and enhance prescribed continuum of care programs. Designed and directed by people who have been there, The Bridges Network provides support without question, guidance without judgment and acceptance without reservation.

The Bridges Network is a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Our program is designed to provide the best possible substance abuse treatment and community for individuals suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. The Bridges Network exists to help people new to recovery and those wishing to continue their recovery program. Our clinical staff is highly skilled, composed of licensed therapists and treatment professionals. Treatment is centered on the client; individualized treatment to address personal client issues. Our Program is focused around Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Addiction Education, Neurofeedback, and Drug Screening. Beyond therapy, we advocate lifelong 12 Step commitment.

Primary Treatment

We provide men and women effective addiction treatment in family-sized residential settings. Transitional living is as an essential component of our treatment program in early recovery. Adjusting to life sober is a process we take great care in. We offer gender specific structured sober living facilities to ensure safe environments for our clients participating in our Treatment Program.

Online Addiction Treatment

Post-Treatment Care
The Bridges Network offers licensed extended care online recovery community, where people who have completed residential inpatient substance abuse treatment or Intensive Out Patient Programs can continue their recovery program anywhere in the country. Our innovative programs combine virtual classrooms, individual private sessions and addiction treatment recovery communities to provide support, structure and accountability throughout the transition from addiction treatment to recovery. Studies show that individuals, who participate in addiction treatment and recovery longer, enjoy greater success in sobriety.

655 W Gurley St
Prescott AZ 86305
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