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Detailing & Cosmetic Care

The Stables adheres to the principle belief that regular cosmetic maintenance is the greatest single service that one can perform to a vehicle to ensure it is cosmetically protected and preserved properly.  Properly protecting a vehicle from the rigors of use in the harsh elements will return measurable long term dividends in the areas of resale, value and desirability. Cosmetically servicing a vehicle every 90 days in combination with monthly assessment is the backbone of executing our belief.

Premium Auto Bathe (performed at clients location or in The Stables Facility)
Wash wheels and tires
Rinse and cleanse body and all jambs
Vacuum interior and wipe down dash and gauges
Clean windows

Driver’s Cosmetic Service (performed at The Stables Facility)
Premium Auto Bathe
Decontaminate painted surfaces
Polish exterior to maintain gloss
Apply wax and sealant to all painted surfaces
Vacuum all interior surfaces and trunk
Cleanse interior surfaces
Apply paint sealant to door jambs

Showroom Cosmetic Service
Driver’s Cosmetic Service
Intensive paint correction process (will correct 85% of scratches and imperfections)
Comprehensive interior cleaning of all vents, scoops and creases
Steam extract carpets and upholstery
Clay and clean all jambs and apply sealant
Cleanse and protect all rubber seals, gaskets and trim components
Clay and apply sealant to wheel faces

Auction Preparation/Museum/Concours Services
Price and work to be determined after consult with Michael Freeland

A la carte services
Wet sanding & color sanding
Leather rejuvenation
Stone chip repair
Engine preparation
Wheel and suspension preparation
Undercarriage preparation
New car delivery preparation

16211 N. Scottsdale Road #A6A-500
Scottsdale AZ 85254
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