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Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. TruForce’s customized approach is a collaborative, ongoing cycle of three critical activities that help control pests and keep pests in their place – out of your home. We call this the TruForce A.I.M. Solution.

Better Products 

For superior protection against scorpions, ants, flying insects and spiders, harness the power of iCAP™ Technology with Demand® CS. With an unique capsule suspension of the active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin. Our proprietary blend of Demand and other effective solutions achieve knockdown of most pests within 15 minutes, and deliver unsurpassed residual that lasts several months, even at extremely high temperatures.

Better Technicians   

TruFroce Pest Control services are performed by thoroughly trained clean-cut technicians that are dedicated to protecting your home against unwanted invaders. Our certified technicians provide a customized pest solution on every visit, and our service is fully guaranteed. Our systematic approach has been proven to effectively control even the most difficult of household pests like scorpions.

Better Prevention 

The TruForce 5 point protection plan includes proven pest control strategies based upon an integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Our Gilbert pest control solution consists of flushing pests from the inside of the home, then regularly applying a large perimeter barrier preventing the pests from re-entering the home. Our Gilbert pest control service has provided countless customers a pest free home.
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465 East Chilton Drive Suite 6
Chandler AZ 85225
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