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Weil Lifestyle, LLC, is an organization founded with the mandate of providing an ethical funding platform to support the Weil Foundation. Its mission is to be the leading resource for education, information, products, services and philanthropic contributions based on the principles of integrative medicine. Headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., Weil Lifestyle, LLC, is the owner of the website www.drweil.com and the exclusive worldwide licensor of distinctive products and services that are developed, reviewed and approved by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Weil Lifestyle, LLC, exclusively markets its line of products and services in retail locations across the U.S. and worldwide including:

Dr. Weil's Vitamin AdvisorĀ® - This online service provides consumers with vitamin and nutritional supplement recommendations prioritized according to the individual's health concerns, and taking into account their age, gender, medical history, diet, medications, and lifestyle. Products offered are based upon Dr. Weil's recommendations and come in personalized Vitamin AdvisorĀ® Complete Program Daily Dose Packets.

Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging - Based on the insights in Dr. Weil's bestselling book, Healthy Aging, DrWeilonHealthyAging.com is an interactive, dynamic online source of information that can help anyone successfully negotiate the process of growing older.

Dr. Weil's Optimum Health Plan - Based on Dr. Weil's best-selling book 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Dr. Weil's Optimum Health Plan is a customized, comprehensive online program designed to help individuals incorporate Dr. Weil's philosophy into all aspects of their life - body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Weil's Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplement Formulas - Dr. Weil's exclusive Antioxidant and Multivitamin Formula and Condition-Specific Select Formulas have been developed, selected, and approved by Dr. Weil using evidence-based scientific research. All contain the highest quality ingredients, and are designed to be readily absorbed.

SpontaneousHappiness.com - Based on Dr. Weil's bestselling book, Spontaneous Happiness, this online plan provides interactive tools, guides, information and more to help members achieve a lifetime of emotional well-being in just eight weeks.

Waterfront Media, Inc. - Waterfront Media markets, develops, and distributes a subscription online service. Waterfront provides leading internet publishing services to consumers to create online personal growth programs.

505 S Madison Dr
Tempe AZ 85281
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