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Did You Know?
Did you know that coal is still being used to generate much of your electricity? APS has two coal plants (Four Corners Power Plant, near Farmington, New Mexico, and Cholla Power Plant, west of Holbrook, Arizona) and is required to file annual Toxic Release reports as part of EPA's Community Right-To-Know program. Toxins are measured in thousands of pounds per year, some of which are released to water.

APS is supporting the adoption of clean, renewable energy sources in Arizona by offering financial incentives to customers (residential and commercial) who install qualified solar systems, such as photovoltaic roofing materials.

How Does It Work?
Photovoltaic is the phenomenon of converting light to electric power. 
Photo = light, Volt = electricity.

Photovoltaic devices generate electricity directly from sunlight via an electronic process that occurs naturally in certain types of material. Electrons in certain types of crystals are freed by solar energy and can be induced to travel through an electrical circuit, powering any type of electronic device or load. PV devices can be used to power small devices (e.g., road signs and calculators), homes, or even large stores or businesses. Several incentives are in place to encourage consumers to invest in renewable energy sources.

How Much Does It Cost?
Generally, the cost is roughly $3.50 per installed DC watt. One thousand watts, or 1 kW, will produce about 1650 kWh per year. So you can divide your annual kWh use by 1650 to see how many kW you will need to cover your bill.

Yuma Solar offers 12 months same-as-cash financing, as well as long-term low rate financing for qualified residential customers. Residential leasing is another option for qualified customers who cannot use federal and state tax credits. 

This Solar Estimator will provide general calculations of the cost for your solar system.

1161 E 21st St Ste C
Yuma AZ 85365
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