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About Us

Hello, and welcome to 123 CPR.  We are the premier CPR and First-Aid instruction company serving the entire metro Phoenix area and beyond.  We are a certified ASHI training center and all our courses meet OSHA requirements. 

At 123CPR we are dedicated to making CPR and First-Aid training available to everyone.  We offer the following methods of training to meet your individual or corporate needs:

  • ONSITE CLASSES: Traditional onsite classes are conducted by a professional certified CPR/First-Aid Instructor.  Our classes stand out among all other classes taught in the valley and are consistently being hailed by students as the most informative and entertaining class they ever experienced.


  • ONLINE CLASSES:  We are pleased to offer our new Online CPR/ First-Aid Courses. The majority of companies today require some or all of their employees to be CPR and/or First-Aid certified. This training is usually offered onsite at the place of employment taking over four hours of valuable work time: a very costly employer expense. Online courses can be completed at anytime and at the students own pace. Typically online classes can be completed within 45 minutes.  For certification purposes, CPR classes must be followed by a 45 minute hands on skills check-off conducted by one of our professional certified CPR/First-Aid instructors saving the employers and students hours of classroom instruction.

How Online Classes Works:

  • Read the lecture on your own time and at your own pace.
  • Complete an online application.
  • Take a test online.  
  • You may take the test as many times as you like until you pass.
  • Participate in a hands-on skills check-off with one of our professional certified CPR-First Aid instructors to learn chest compression and breathing techniques using specially designed manikins.  This usually will take 30 - 45 minutes.
  • You will be contacted within 24 hours of passing the test to schedule the hands-on skills check-off.  In a hurry, contact us directly at either number listed above.
  • You can drive to one of our many convenient locations (or for groups of 5 or more, we will come to you) and we will teach you how to compress and breathe into a manikin.
  • We do not believe in failing people from our class, if you are having trouble, we will continue to show you how to do the process correctly, no pressure!
  • Certification cards are issued immediately upon successful completion of the skills check off and payment.  Both CPR and First-Aid certifications are good for two years.

5719 W Blackhawk Dr
Glendale AZ 85308
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