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We believe you must Create, Strengthen, Maintain, and NEVER betray your dog’s TRUST.

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For the past decade, we operated under the name “A Scottsdale K9 Academy”, training thousands of dogs in the greater Scottsdale area. However, due to a recent relocation, we are now able to widen our service area, taking in all of the North valley (Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, & Peoria), and much of the Central Valley. With the move and larger service area, it only made sense to change the name so we aren’t showing favoritism to one particular city. We simply want to reach more people

Even if you’ve used our services before, please take a minute to browse through our site. I think you’ll find we offer far more services than we ever did before.

Thank you,
JR Cook


Training Qualifications and Philosophy

J.R.’s Training Qualifications include:

Nearly 20 years of dog training experience. The last 10 years training pets under his previous company name “Scottsdale K9 Academy”.

Personally trained 2000 dogs with his own leash, from Teacup Yorkies weighing less than a pound, to 250 pound Mastiffs.

Has trained under some of the country’s best dog trainers.

Has experience in various fields: Agility, Odor Detection, Search & Rescue, French Ring, Schutzhund, Tracking, Bird Hunting, and of course Obedience.

Over 10,000 hours of studying pack behavior in packs numbering upwards of 40 dogs.
Has owned & operated other dog-related businesses (Grooming, Private Drug Detection, Boarding, and Doggie Daycare).

Has personally owned over a dozen different breeds.

J.R.’s Training Philosophy includes:

Teaches dogs using Operant Conditioning (Marker Training- rewards with treats, toys, tug, or affection).
Uses Body Language & Psychology for solving & preventing problems.

Instills Pack Leader Concepts for maintaining a sound pack.

Believes you must Create, Strengthen, Maintain, and NEVER betray your dog’s TRUST.

Believes you must first Teach before you can hold your dog accountable for anything.

Uses FUN in place of FEAR & INTIMIDATION.

Uses Adaptive Training techniques to avoid plateaus in training.
Happily uses rewards for proper motivation and encouragement.

 J.R.’s Business & Personal motto:

Know my training limitations.

Don’t guarantee something that can’t be delivered.

NEVER try to push gear or products on a client.

NEVER drop hidden fees on a client.

Keep working with the client to arrive at the realistic desired results.

Show up on time, or contact client for delays/ reschedule.

Maintain a positive outlook.

Deliver more than is expected.

Build trust in the client and their dog.

Make training enjoyable.

Do No Harm!

PO Box 42322
Phoenix AZ 85080
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