Arizona Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Testing, LLC
Mesa AZ 85209

Arizona Indoor Air Quality & Environmental Testing is a multi-specialty consulting group operation in the demolition, renovation, and property management industries. Our consultants are experts in building materials, ergonomics, occupational hygiene, and occupational health & safety. Our core services include:

•Asbestos Inspections & Surveys
•Mold Inspections
•Abatement Oversight
•Final Post Remediation Air Clearance Tests
•Negative Exposure Assessment (NEA)
•Lead Paint Inspections
•Property Safety Risk Inspections & OHS Compliance Audits
•Noise Surveys, Testing, Assessment and Exposure Monitoring
•Hazardous Materials Testing  
•Health & Safety Plans    

We pride ourselves in providing innovative and pragmatic solutions to identifying, assessing, and controlling property risk. Our testing services focus on client needs and expectations in a timely manner. Our clients require customized environmental remediation solutions that meet their current needs and budgets.

Mesa AZ 85209
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