Southwest Endoscopy & Surgicenter, LLC
2223 E Baseline Rd Ste B
Gilbert AZ 85234


Our mission is to provide quality, state of the art care in a private outpatient setting.

Our facility opened in the fall of ’08 and includes 3 endoscopy rooms, a procedure room, and a fully functional operating room for minor surgical procedures.  It provides a comfortable, private setting to undergo outpatient procedures in a convenient setting.  We have a highly trained and experienced staff to help you through your procedure.

Services We provide

     Upper Endoscopy

    Flexible Sigmoidoscopy




Outpatient Surgery


              IRC (Infared Coagulation)

              Elastic Band Ligation

              PPH/Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

              Excisional Hemorrhoidectomy

    Anal Fistula

    Anal Fissure


Transrectal Ultrasound     **New**

This is a 3D ultrasound system to visualize the rectum and anal canal in extreme detail.  It is the first of its kind in the East Valley.  It’s uses include:

  • Staging rectal and anal cancer
  • Assess for anal sphincter tears in patients with incontinence
  • Aids in finding difficult or occult anal fistulas

This will help greatly in the treatment of anorectal problems and serve as a significant tool in the fight against rectal cancer. 

2223 E Baseline Rd Ste B
Gilbert AZ 85234
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