SX Paint and Resurfacing, LLC
3620 E Broadway Rd Ste 3
Phoenix AZ 85040


Dedicated to creating, enhancing, or restoring
your aesthetic vision with integrity and precision.

Although SX is amassed of many individuals from all walks of life,
religion, ethnicity, or geographical location, it is what is at our core
that sets us apart and makes us who we are. This common culture
is the catalyst for our continued growth and delivery of a quality

Offering our clients vision paired with integrity and precision has
allowed us to flourish in our market. We are so very grateful for the
blessings we have received and we are dedicated to our team, our
clients, and all of those who are part of the SX family.

Our company continually strives to find and offer the very best
products and methods the industry has available. With ever-
changing application techniques, paints, equipment, customer
service opportunities, communication methods, logistics and the
like, we are persistent in our pursuit to remain at the forefront in
all respects.

Thank you for your interest in SX Paint + Resurfacing. We look
forward to serving you as a client and future member of the SX

3620 E Broadway Rd Ste 3
Phoenix AZ 85040
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